If you have contacted us, then you will surely have met Efi!

Efi is more than just an Operation Manager. It is the breath that gives life to every process, it is the wind that blows in the sails of our success. With her experience and dedication, she ensures that our every initiative is well coordinated and to our benefit.
Effie is always there to support the team, her smile lighting up every corner of our office. Her optimism and encouragement are unique and inspire others to give their best.

With Efi at the helm, our company is heading towards new horizons and successes. It is the driving force behind every innovation and the source of energy for all of us. With Efi on our team, we know that the sky is not our limit – it is our original destination.



Meet Konstantina, the driving mind behind our production at the ceramics company. There's no way you'll meet her and she won't cheer you up with her kind and cheerful personality.

With her love for the world of art and creativity, Konstantina takes on the role of Production Manager with a sense of dedication to quality and perfection.

With a bright personality and an open heart, Konstantina is always ready to collaborate and inspire her colleagues. Her experience and skill in organization and management are essential to the smooth running of our production process.

With Konstantina at the helm, achieving our high standards becomes a reality. Her constant search for innovation and improvement ensures that we produce ceramic products that are as beautiful as they are functional.

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